Australian industry, and the economy as a whole, depends for much of its health on heavy machinery. Specialised equipment used in mining and agriculture really does make the wheels go round. 

Apart from military equipment, some of this machinery is the heaviest to travel by land. Of course, using the road system to move around is often impossible for these machines. 

From import or manufacture, they have to be transported safely to their place of work. As experts in heavy haulage Darwin businesses trust, we know the importance of doing this properly.

Heavy Responsibility

Under Australian law, the responsibility for any load in transit is that of the agency transporting it. From beginning to end of any journey, the goods being transported are in the trust of the transporter. 

That applies as much to heavy machinery as it does to cream cakes. The difference in money value between these two examples can be several million dollars. The principle, however, remains the same.

There are a lot of calculations to be made before transporting big machines can be attempted. These include a number of weight bearing statistics, some of which are complicated themselves. 

Centre of gravity also has to be taken into account, not to mention turning circles and stopping distances. The condition of the roads and likely weather events or conditions also need including.

Heavy machinery needs heavy vehicles for transport. The combined weight of these can be really quite mind blowing. With mining vehicles themselves coming in at hundreds of tonnes, the combined burden on road surfaces is colossal. 

If these are melting in the heat, transport can be compromised.

Direct Access

With our expertise in heavy haulage Darwin operators rely on, we know that access is as important as weight. Heavy machinery is often wide as well as heavy. 

While this can help with weight dispersal, it can also present challenges when it comes to accessibility. The transportation vehicles have to be able to deliver where and when equipment is needed.

Having expert knowledge of roads and infrastructure can be essential for this purpose. Strong local connections with haulers, industrial and agricultural operators can mean real time savings. 

If there is no point starting a haulage job, a good local operator won't do it. That saves the customer money, and lets the haulier assign their own resources elsewhere.

No mining company or agricultural business wants their machinery to arrive late. Neither do they want it early. 

Specific knowledge of local conditions at any given time is something reliable transporters can provide. Having expensive, heavy equipment blocking the road network for any length of time doesn't do anyone any good.

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