When your car breaks down, it can be a very frustrating and stressful experience. It can be especially scary if you are on the side of the motorway.

It’s important to be aware and do the right thing when stuck on the side of the road.

Almost every person will go through dealing with a vehicle breaking down at some point in their life.

Having a reliable Darwin towing company on your contact list is a good idea for times such as this. 

Tips for when you break down 

  • Move to the Side of the Road                                                 
    • Whether you break down on a back road or the motorway, it is imperative to pull over on the shoulder of the road. 
    • If you can coast on the road until you are on a safer section of road where you are more visible, it is good. 
    • It is not good to stop around a corner or curve as you can get hit. 
  • Hazard Lights                                                                                 
    • You need to turn on your hazard lights as soon as you are having issues. 
    • They need to be kept on until a tow truck comes. 
    • It’s good to turn off things like the radio and such so they don’t drain your battery as it can take time for a tow truck to come out.
  • Wheels and Parking Break 
    • Make sure to turn your wheels pointing toward the road. 
    • Also, make sure your parking brake is on. You don’t want your vehicle rolling off the road if your breaks go out. 
  • Step Away From the Side of the Road                                        
    • Stay away from the side of the road. 
    • Get behind the barrier on the side of the road as people can be distracted driving on the road and hit your parked vehicle. 
    • Sometimes if there is no safe place to go then get in your car and put on your seatbelt and lock the doors.
  • Call for Help                                                                                    
    • Call a tow company for help. 
    • It is good before any emergencies happen to have a good, reputable Darwin towing company’s phone number in your phone and it’s good to have it written on paper in your glove box. 
  • Let Friends and Family Know                                                            
    • If you are alone or in an unsafe area call a friend or family member to update them about what is happening. 
    • If someone can be with you while you are waiting for a tow truck, it would be good. 
    • If they do come, have them park ahead of your car, not behind it as the tow truck will need to load your vehicle from behind. 

For More Information

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